Recordings of the 1st Annual Online Conference - "Groundwater - Conecting Science and Practice" (2018)

The Conference recordings (12th Jun 2018)

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What is Groundwater - Science And Practice Conference?

Groundwater - Science and Practice is the 1st Annual 100% Online Conference with the aim to spread the word about latest achievements in groundwater and science particularly in groundwater modeling, groundwater characterization (geophysics) and contamination. Lecturers are internationally and academically respected and will try to bring closer their experience to the wider community.

Groundwater - Science and Practice Conference was aimed to both senior and junior geologist, hydrogeologists and environmental engineers.

Here is agenda of the Conference held on 12th Jun 2018:

1) Opening the conference by host Dragan Kaludjerovic

2) Surface and borehole geophysical measurements for groundwater exploration - Chris Leech

Chris graduated from The University of Exeter with a degree in Applied Geophysics and Engineering Geology and has worked in the geophysics industry throughout his professional career, specializing in all forms of near- surface geophysics and is current chair of the NSGG (Near Surface Geophysics Group).

3) Models and Decisions: a Productive but Uneasy Relationship? - John Doherty

John is the author of PEST, the industry standard for groundwater model calibration and uncertainty analysis. His work involves consulting, education and research. His main research interests are the development of model-partner-software which enhances the use of models in environmental decision-making.

4) The Use of Advanced Passive Sorbent Samplers to Track Groundwater VOC Plumes and Evaluate Vapor Intrusion Risks into Overlying Buildings - Harry O'Neill

Mr. O’Neill has been on the forefront of the acceptance of passive sampling technologies at the national and international level and has managed the implementation of thousands of soils gas and air sampling surveys. Harry O’Neill was selected as the lead author to write the ASTM Standard for Passive Soil Gas Sampling that was approved December 1, 2011.

5) Introduction to creating implicit 3D geology models in GeoModeller, plus tricks for modelling thin units, and for exporting to groundwater models (MODFLOW, FEFLOW) - Helen Gibson

Helen has authored over 60 client reports, and two regional studies for non-exclusive use in industry: thermal history reconstructions of central Australian basins; and heat flow modeling of the northern Perth Basin. In recent years she has worked exclusively in an internal role as a Consulting Geologist for Intrepid Geophysics.

6) Tanzania: The challenge of developing groundwater source supplies - Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith is a consulting hydrogeologist and microbiologist with over 35 years of experience related to groundwater quality, well construction and operations. In Tanzania, GWT provides the science, engineering and construction management for water supplies. He holds BA and MS degrees from Wittenberg University and The Ohio State University in the USA.

7) Monitored Natural Attenuation of organic contaminant - review of project done ten years ago - what can be done better in 2018th? - Dragan Kaludjerovic

Dragan is 20 years in quantitative hydrogeology, currently at online specialization on The Johns Hopkins University - Environmental Engineering. Dragan’s core skill is in explaining difficult concepts through video and text, with more than 700 engineers registered for his online courses.

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Your Instructor

Dragan Kaludjerovic, PhD
Dragan Kaludjerovic, PhD

More than 20 years in the field of water and environment, specialist in quantitative hydrogeology applying his knowledge on projects in Europe, US, Middle East, Australia and Africa. Uncertainty analysis of groundwater models is his another specialization. One of top success was mentoring one of the top world Australian Mining Company in using specialized techniques of mathematical model calibration and uncertainty analysis with PEST.

His Ph.D. was done on the topic of groundwater remediation. On the Middle East he was working on a capital project for the metro. A huge database was established (more than 500 observation points).

Business Development and Marketing

Working from Serbia he manages to set up brand acknowledged on Geological Survey of US Meeting in US 2019 as an example of how brand can be setup from distant country. The first online Conference Groundwater Science and Practice was organized in 2018. Proud to say that he become one of the moderators of the LinkedIn Groundwater Modeling Forum with 7000 members along with several university professors. He raised 100000 USD for his Start-Up. Another Start-Up is currently under development.

Coaching other companies and their engineers

First started with 1 on 1 courses throughout the world (mostly US) conducting Environmental Science Education Program with 900 participants.Topics were Water Resources Management, Remote Sensing and Seawater Intrusion. He was accepted on The John's Hopkins University for online specialization in 2018 where he attended one semester of Air Resources Monitoring and Management. Due to catastrophic air pollution in his native country he stopped his specialization on JHU and devoted his time to mitigation of indoor pollution with a top company in that arena. He was again accepted to continue his specialization in JHU in 2020. As one of greatest achievement was invitation to train JHU Ph.D. student in interpretation of Mars geology. Due to COVID-19, the project was postponed by NASA. Also, at beginning of 2020 he was elected to be a reviewer of The Book Coastal Hydrogeology for US journal.

Water Wells

During his consulting practices he was working with Roscoe Moss and arena of Aquifer Storage and Recovery for several years.


He published over 20 scientific papers in his native language and the first one in English at MODFLOW Conference 1998. He published a book about Mathematical Modeling and Remediation that is currently under translation in English.

Sensors in Natural Resources

First started as his hobby after which his passion for electronics in environmental field was expanded and currently, he is writing a book on sensors application in natural resources.

Remote Sensing

By lunching of the Sentinel 2 satellite in 2016 he become interested in remote sensing and its application in water resources and agriculture. Did numerous projects in Agriculture and for big agriculture companies, the largest 10000 ha)

Summary :

His integrated knowledge of different disciplines in environment enabled him to develop a specific approach to managing natural resources (monitoring, modeling and remote sensing) Developing techniques for the determination of mineral resources from satellites was considered by several companies.

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Dragan is a fantastic technical resource. With his assistance, I’ve been able to greatly improve my groundwater modeling and GIS skills. I will continue to seek him out for my professional development needs. He provided great value and was a pleasure to work with!
- Bob Marley - Senior Hydrogeologist at EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC

I have known Dragan for many years. I am most impressed with his dedication to hard work, and the breadth of his knowledge on environmental data acquisition and processing, software, and modelling.
- John Doherty Owner, Watermark Numerical Computing, Australia

He is always available for questions and truly goes above and beyond in his training classes. I have gained a lot of knowledge over a short period of time working with Dragan and would highly recommend his services to others.”

- Thomas Ballard, PG, CHG, Consulting Hydrogeologist, USA

I took multiple training courses with Dragan. I learned a great deal with him during each of the courses. He is an excellent teacher willing to help out in any way possible.
- Mark Sherrill, Environmental Scientist at Short Elliott Hendricson, USA

"I recently completed a course in Remote Sensing and QGIS with Dragan. He was very knowledgeable and guided me through the theory and background and also the implementation of remote sensing. He was very personable and happy to answer all my questions. I appreciate having him as a reference and would recommend him to anyone interested in this topic."
- Lea Bergwall, GIS Analyst, USA