Moving From Physical to Digital World (Part1)

Basics of Electricity for Natural Resources Enginners

MacKenzy consulting agency estimated that the market that connects the physical and digital world will rise to 11.1 trillions USD till 2025 (source BUG Croatian magazine). Digital world (computers) knows only 1 and 0 numbers (binary system) and analog world is physical world around as temperature values (27.4C), air pressure (1008 mb), wind speed (36 m/s)...

Sensors are important part of both words since with sensors we are measuring analogue values as temperatures and air pressure and to process data gather on this way we need to transfer analogue values to digital which are understandable by computers.

Before to come to this world you need to learn a basics of electricity on easy way. Did you notice that in every computer you still have resistors? Why do we need old fashion resistors (looking a little bit smaller then the hobby one) in our journey?

This question will lead you to this course where you are going to learn basics of electricity which you probably learn something in primary or high school and during your environmental carrier path and probably forget.

So this course is intended to be refresher of basic terms of electricity and your starting point entering world where measured values from physical world (temperature, salinity, air pressure) will be transferd to digital world and processed on easy way.

Course syllable:

Fundamentals of electronics - on simple way

a) Current flow (Ampere), Voltage,

b) Resistors, Ohm law, Capacitors and Power

c) Transistors - device that transformed the modern world

Yes, only this and you are ready to enter the field of sensors in natural science (again MacKenzy consulting agency estimated that the market that connects the physical and digital world will rise to 11.1 trillions USD till 2025).

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Your Instructor

Dragan Kaludjerovic, PhD
Dragan Kaludjerovic, PhD

More than 20 years in the field of water and environment, specialist in quantitative hydrogeology applying his knowledge on projects in Europe, US, Middle East, Australia and Africa. Uncertainty analysis of groundwater models is his another specialization. One of top success was mentoring one of the top world Australian Mining Company in using specialized techniques of mathematical model calibration and uncertainty analysis with PEST.

His Ph.D. was done on the topic of groundwater remediation. On the Middle East he was working on a capital project where a huge database was established (more than 500 observation points).

Business Development and Marketing

Working from Serbia he manages to set up brand acknowledged on Geological Survey of UnitedStates Meeting in 2019/ as an example of how brand can be setup from distant country. Also, he organizeThe first online Conference Groundwater Science and Practice was organized in 2018. Proud to say that he become one of the moderators of the LinkedIn Groundwater Modeling Forum with 7000 members along with several university professors. Also, he raised 100000 USD for his Start-Up. Another Start-Up is currently under development.

Coaching other companies and their engineers

First started with 1 on 1 courses throughout the world (mostly USA) continuing with Environmental Science Education Program with 900 participants.Topics were Water Resources Management, Remote Sensing and Seawater Intrusion. He was accepted at The John's Hopkins University for online specialization in 2018 where he attended one semester of Air Resources Monitoring and Management. Due to catastrophic air pollution in his native country he stopped his specialization on JHU and devoted his time to mitigation of indoor pollution with a top company in that arena. He was again accepted to continue his specialization in JHU in 2020. As one of greatest achievement was invitation to train The John's Hopkins University Ph.D. student in interpretation of Mars geology. Due to COVID-19, the project was postponed by NASA.

Also, at beginning of 2020 he was elected to be a reviewer of The Book Coastal Hydrogeology for US journal.

Water Wells

During his consulting practices he was working with Roscoe Moss and arena of Aquifer Storage and Recovery with one of the fouder of that coin Davide Pyne for several years.


He published over 20 scientific papers in his native language and the first one in English at MODFLOW Conference 1998. Also, published a book about Mathematical Modeling and Remediation that is currently under translation in English.

Sensors in Natural Resources

First started as his hobby after which his passion for electronics in environmental field was expanded and currently, he is writing a book on sensors application in natural resources.

Remote Sensing

By lunching of the Sentinel 2 satellite in 2016 he become interested in remote sensing and its application in water resources and agriculture. Did numerous projects in Agriculture and for big agriculture companies, the largest 10000 ha)

Summary :

His integrated knowledge of different disciplines in environmental science enabled him to develop a specific approach for managing natural resources (monitoring, modeling and remote sensing). Also, developing techniques for the determination of mineral resources from satellites was considered by several companies.

Visit website of Environmental Science and Education Program and make advance on your profesional path to better life.

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